How to Get Zlatan Ibrahimovic in DLS 19

Get Zlatan Ibrahimovic In DLS 19
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not available in DLS 19. But we have a way to get him in our Dream Team. Let's Have a look.
Download DLS 19 Every Team Profile.dat / Save Game Data from here.

You can do it on your Non-rooted Android device.
Details :

1.Added Zlatan Ibrahimovic

2. All players maxed to 100

3. Unlimited Coin

4. All are Top players.

5. Works in Any version of Dream League

6. After this method, you can update your game at any time from the Play Store.


Step 1:
Install Dream League Soccer and open The game. After Opening Exit the game. Remove the game from the Recent tab.

Step 2:
Go to Your phone's File Manager.
Open this folder→


Delete every file here.

Note: This folder can be located in your Phone Storage or in the External SD card. In Samsung Devices, it is located in Phone Storage, and in other Devices, it is locatnulled in the SD card. If you do not find this folder in the SD card, you will find it in the device storage.

Step 3:

 Download File:  

How to Download:

-Click on the link
-A New page will Appear & there will be a Download Button
-Click on that button

Step 4:
paste the downloaded file in

Congratulations, You are done. Now open the game.

Download Fc Barcelona Team Profile.dat for DLS 19

If this does not work, follow this:

One & only errors can happen while selecting Storage. If you Paste the file into Device storage and it does not work, then paste it into the SD card, then it will work.



  1. If i download the game from play store will it work there?

  2. the guys upgrade 3times only , after one round , how to set full time upgrade

  3. just download zarchiver then go to android in device memory then select data and go to com.firsttouchgames then enter files and delete dls config then go to game first off put off data for sometime

  4. How can we get all players up to 100 in Player market,

  5. Hi bro I want only zlatan ibrahimovic

  6. zlatan ibrahimovic which is not appear in the sell player

  7. Please do something for only zlatan ibrahimovic

  8. Anyone edit profile.dat file ? I want just Ibrahimovic

  9. Please is not work to go in media fire ,he enterin google drive

  10. The link doesn’t work any more what’s the problem

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